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LiveRamp is the powerful, trusted platform that connects your data silos–unlocking previously undiscovered insights and allowing you to deliver more personal, engaging experiences across all marketing channels.

Activation API

The Activation API offers programmatic access to LiveRamp’s data activation solutions. Users are able to activate PII (personally identifiable information or “PII,” such as email address, name, postal address, etc.)- and device-based segment data on popular platforms to reach audiences across every screen.

Common Use Cases:

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Identity: AbiliTec API

AbiliTec is an identity resolution technology for offline data. It connects and updates customer offline data by resolving PII data across enterprise databases and systems to deliver a better customer experience in a privacy-conscious manner.

Common Use Cases:

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The RampID API allows you to match your data to LiveRamp’s identity graph (RampIDs), match your data to partners’ RampIDs, and decrypt identity envelopes.

Common Use Cases:

ID Match and Retrieval API

Envelope Decryption API

Transcoding API

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